Booze Thyme Cherries

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Imagine a dessert that is topped with cherries that are brined in a potion of brandy and amaretto and then cook them with a blend of aromatic spices and at the end of the cooking process, fresh thyme is added. Does that not sound delicious. It will make your dessert go from ordinary to extra ordinary.

Alternatively, try these cherries in a savory setting. Add them to a sauce you'll serve with pork, chicken and turkey and the juice can be transformed into a wonderful reduction sauce to serve along with these entrees.

The magic doesn’t stop there; Taste Elevated also recommends to use these booze cherries in or on your cheesecake or add the juice to your favorite cocktail.

Country: United States
State: Texas
All Natural: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Non GMO: Yes

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Ingredients: Cherries, brown sugar, sugar, water, brandy, amaretto, thyme, kosher salt, spices.
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