Gruyere Cave-Aged

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Approx. Weight: 8 ounces
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The Cave-aged Gruyere is matured for about one year in the secluded caves of Kaltbach near Lucerne in Switzerland. In the cool and humid air of these sandstone caves;the gourmet cheeses develop a dense texture with small salt crystals.

The cheese may have some desirable holes, but these are not essential. The cheese is smooth to the touch with a slightly damp feel. It is soft, reasonably firm and crumbly. Its even ivory coloring varies according to the season. The flavor of Cave-aged Gruyeère is refined, yet intense and you will agree with us that this is a cheese that you will appreciate.

We cut and wrap this cheese in pieces of approximately 1 pound and 8 ounces.

Country: Switzerland
Imported: Yes
Milk: Cow
Texture: Hard

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This item is perishable and will require an insulated shipping container and freeze packs and must ship by shipping methods taking a maximum of three days.

Ingredients: Cultured milk, salt, enzymes.
Spend the extra money on the cave aged as opposed to buying the regular gruyere. You will be glad you did. Both varieties are good but the salt crystals and extra sharpness of the cave aged are AMAZING!!!!