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Sabatino's Black Truffle Sea Salt is a special Sicilian sea salt that gives you an easy way to add ground black truffle and sea salt to your Italian dishes. Try it on you pasta, risotto, potatoes or creamy sauces.... read more
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The French La Baleine Company has excelled in using nature and salt marches and salt tables doing most of the work in creating their Mediterranean sea salt. Salt marches are a large collection of shallow lands through which the sea water is collected and... read more
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Espelette Pepper or Piment d'Espelette is the beloved chile pepper of the Basque country. In 1999 AOC was granted to Espelette peppers, giving it the same protection as more famous names, such as Brie and Camembert or Champagne. The Espelette Pepper is... read more
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Fennel Pollen grown on an exclusive fennel pollen ranch in California, this versatile herb possesses hints of anise and honey-lemon overtones. The fine powdery substance is easy to incorporate into your recipes. Fennel pollen enhances the flavors of... read more
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These are green peppercorns off the vine pickled in a brine, a solution of vinegar and salt. They are a key ingredient in so many French dishes – think pates, sauce au poivre on a steak or with fish or pork, and in soups and sauces. They give you dishes... read more
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The Hawaiian island of Molokai is still rather rural, with little to no industry, leaving the waters surrounding Molokai pure and so the salt coming from this area of the Pacific Ocean. A perfect spot to gather sea salt. This truly black Hawaiian Sea... read more
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You like it hot? The temperature will be up when Hot Steve Spicy Chile Salt in on or in your dish. This is a seriously spicy chile salt. Great for margaritas or Bloody Marys, soups and chili, Mexican fare, or anything else when you want to spice things... read more
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These Mediterranean sea salt flakes are known for their large pyramid shapes crystals. They are light and flaky with a mild taste which is characteristics of Mediterranean salts. It is a popular salt for cooking and baking. This flake salt is also... read more
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What makes a good paella. There are 2 basic ingredients that are paramount to a good paella; the right rice (Bomba Rice) and the right spices. This La Dalia seasoning contains a few of the basic spice ingredients: saffron, smoked paprika and more. Add... read more
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Saffron is one of the most expensive food products in the world and it is a traditional and natural spice in many cuisines. There may be trick to imitate the color of saffron by using colorings, but that is a far cry from the real thing and will never... read more