Nut & Seed Oils

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This roasted hazelnut oil is a pure oil extracted from the roasting of hazelnuts. Imported from France, this elegant oil is known for its slightly sweet, nutty flavor and aroma. Hazelnut oil is excellent when used in dressings, marinades and cold... read more
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Oliver Farm's Pecan oil is a cold-pressed oil, and it has a beautiful color and a light, buttery, slightly nutty flavor. Oliver Farm is a Georgian centennial farm; a farm owned by the same family for 100 years or more. Oliver Farm is owned and operated... read more
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Styrian Pumpkin seed oil is dark green in color, has a nutty aroma and an intense flavor. This unique oil is mainly used to drizzle over salad, vegetables, soups and pasta. Styria or Steiermark is a southern Provence of Austria; a mountainous area that... read more