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Pecans are not indigenous to Spain, but the Spaniards know how to prepare them. These candied nuts are deliciously crunchy and sweet, with a plump and meaty inside. Serve them by themselves, or alongside a Spanish cheese platter.... read more
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Caramelized walnuts or candied walnuts are absolutely delicious. These Spanish nuts are fresh and crunchy and they melt in your mouth. A perfect snack and a wonderful accompaniment for cheese.... read more
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Marcona Almonds are Spain's most precious almonds and are indigenous to the country. They are also known as the 'Queen of Almonds'. They are sweet and softer than most almonds and absolutely delicious. These almonds are fried, to highlight the almonds... read more
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Wonderful large Spanish Almonds spiced with the well-known smoked paprika. These paprika gives these delicious fried nuts a warm red glow and a flavor that reminds you of Spanish flamingo parties.... read more
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Dried herbs and spice give these large fried Spanish Almonds just a little extra kick that makes them irresistible. Absolutely wonderful as a snack, but also a great addition to a cheese platter, a salad or when you bake a nut bread.... read more