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Gjetost is Norway's traditional brown, fudge like cheese that is made from a blend of cow's and goat's milk. Its unique sweet taste is caused by the natural caramelization of the milk sugar or lactose during production. When the cheese becomes thicker it is poured into rectangular molds and when it is finished you have a perfectly square cheese with a tan wrapped in foil and when you unwrap it you will see the creases on the surface.

The cheese is semi-soft in texture and has a mouth feel that will remind you of peanut butter and it has a salty-sweet caramel finish. Cut the cheese into very thin slices. like to Norwegian do and eat it at breakfast with toast or crispbread.

Country: Norway
Imported: Yes
Milk: Mixed
Texture: Firm
Vegetarian: Yes

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Ingredients: Whey, milk, goat's milk, cream.