Pancetta Americana

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Pancetta Americano, a rolled pancetta (arottollata), is preferred by some because there is no dry surface. The pork is salted, rubbed with freshly ground spices that add a subtle herbal complexity, lightly dried, then rolled and put into a casing so that the lean meat is on the inside and develops uniform moisture content. The freshly ground spicing resonates through the meat clearly and pleasantly.

Iowa-based La Quercia's meats are fully cured; the pancetta can be served with or without cooking. For a traditional Italian snack, wrap thinly sliced, uncooked pancetta around good quality breadsticks and enjoy.

NOTE: We weigh each pancetta before shipping. Because of the variation in the size of the product, we'll charge your credit card according to the weight of the item that will be shipped to you.

Country: United States
State: Iowa
All Natural: Yes
Artisanal: Yes

This item is perishable and will require an insulated shipping container and freeze packs and must ship by shipping methods taking a maximum of three days.