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Bresaola can be obtained from various cuts of beef meat, especially rump, lower rump, round and the finest cut: the tip of the haunch. It is air dried, salted, so-called dry-salting, subsequently stuffed into natural casings and is hung to dry in dedicated ageing rooms, where it matures for a period of time between 1 and 3 months, depending on the size of the pieces, until it becomes hard and dark red in color.

This gourmet beef is very lean and tender and usually served at room temperature or slightly chilled and sliced very thin. Since it is unsliced you can cut it just the way you prefer. Great served with olive oil and lemon juice on a bed of Arugula salad with cracked black pepper on top. Bresaola can also be served with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese or other fine Italian cheeses to make an enjoyable antipasto dish.

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Ingredients: Beef, salt, less than 2 percent of dextrose, spices, white wine, lactic acid starter culture, sodium erythorbate, natural flavor, garlic, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite.