Orange Fig Spread

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Orange Fig Spread is an award winning fruit spread; in 2004 it was awarded a SOFI Gold Medal for Outstanding Jam, Preserve, Spread of Sweet Topping. This gourmet product offers a refreshing combination of the sweet natural flavor of fig with the tangy citrus flavor of orange.

Dalmatia is at the heart of Croatia, a beautiful Mediterranean country that produces typical Southern European product like olives, olive oil, wine, fish, vegetables and fruits. Tasting the quality and flavor of the rich Dalmatia Fig Spreads will take you to the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea. The figs are hand picked, sun-dried and carefully cooked to create an unsurpassed flavor.

Country: Croatia
Imported: Yes
Award Winner: Yes

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Ingredients: Figs, sugar, orange, citric acid, pectin, lactic acid, ascorbic acid.