Cran-Peno Preserve

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Pepperlane Preserves is using plump tart cranberries and they add jalapenos to create a sharp cranberry taste with kick. Use as a spread to add a new dimension to a roasted turkey sandwich, chicken or pork. Use it not only at your next holiday gathering.

What started as a family Christmas-time snack has grown to a family-owned full-time business. In the late 1980's Michele Trover loved bringing new experiences, flavor and flair to her family's holiday gatherings and her Jalapeno jelly was anything but common. Her family and friends were introduced to this condiment with a kick. Later it was included as a 'secret' ingredient in many of her gourmet recipes and it wasn't long before everyone wanted a jar of the green stuff for their next gathering. Word spread, and in 1990 Pepperlane Products was established in the mountains of Wanship, Utah.

Country: United States
State: Utah
All Natural: Yes
Handcrafted: Yes
Ingredients: Sugar, vinegar, cranberries, jalapenos, sweet red peppers, fruit pectin, natural coloring.