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Speck is an old term that references to a conservation method of salting and smoking ham used by families as Speck was mainly eaten at home. This salting method is still partly used for many hams in the Mediterranean area; the smoking method is more used in northern European hams.

Speck is a raw, boned ham, lightly smoked and aged for 22 weeks. The exterior of a slab of Speck is brown, while the inside is red with whitish-pink areas. Speck has a strong smoky and zesty scent. During the salting process, the meat is flavored with black pepper, pimento, garlic and juniper berry which lend it a distinctive and savory taste.

NOTE: We weigh each ham before shipping. Because of the variation in the size of the ham, we'll charge your credit card according to the weight of the ham that will be shipped to you.

Country: United States
State: Pennsylvania
Gluten-free: Yes
Boneless: Yes

This item is perishable and will require an insulated shipping container and freeze packs and must ship by shipping methods taking a maximum of three days.