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Jambon De Paris is a cooked ham, made according to the French charcuterie (deli-cut meat or cold cuts) recipe. This Parisian ham is delicately spiced, slowly cooked in its own juices and wrapped in its skin. The result is a refined taste. Jambon de Paris... read more
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This Oven Roasted Ham with Rosemary combines some of the same great characteristics as the Old Fashioned Ham with the addition of rosemary to enhance its delicate roasted flavor. This gourmet ham is cooked in a dry heat oven, giving the product an... read more
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Prosciutto Cotto is a high quality Italian cooked ham and is made from the finest pork hams and ingredients available, and enjoyed by millions of people for its delicate aroma, sweet and smooth flavor embodied by the typical thin layer of fat that makes... read more
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The original Prosciutto di Parma from Italy is available in convenient packs of 4 ounces. Fratelli Beretta, established 1812, is Italy's leading Deli Meat Company introduces this genuine Parma ham in a pack containing 8 slices or 4 servings with slice... read more
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In 1940 Joseph Bosch and Salvador Berga bought a cured meats factory and in 1944 they created the Noel Brand. In 2011 the 4th generation joined the family business, which celebrated its 75 anniversary in 2015. Food quality and safety have always been a... read more
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Jamon Serrano or Serrano ham is a wonderful, flavorful gourmet ham that has a rich nutty flavor; it is cured in the mountains of Spain (serrano means mountains). Of course you can serve this ham on your sandwich, but it is excellent when serving tapas... read more