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With the Speck Americano La Quercia founders Herb and Kathy Eckhouse take another step in their quest to enable memorable eating experiences. It is naturally smoked with apple wood to add the evocative aroma and warm flavor of a wood fire to the ‘dolcezza’ or sweetness of their traditionally dry cured ham.

La Quercia Speck Americano differs from its Italian counterparts in several ways: Speck Americano is smoked at the end of its natural dry curing (only pork and sea salt, no other ingredients). Thus the smoke finish is light and inviting and does not interfere with the sweetness of the meat. Speck from the Italian regions is smoked at the beginning of its dry curing. This causes the smoke flavor top penetrate and then concentrate and intensify as the meat dries. No garlic or other strong spices to interfere with the subtle, delicate flavors of just aged meat,sea salt, and apple wood smoke. Made with humanely raised antibiotic free pork.

Speck Americano is cured for 8-10 months (35 weeks minimum) while Speck Alto Adige is cured a minimum of 20 weeks. Time of aging is one factor that can influence richness of flavor.

This 3 oz. package of thinly sliced Speck Americano give you the opportunity to create a fantastic antipasto platter, make a delicious sandwich or use it in your favorite recipe.

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Pork, sea salt.
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