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Savini's Black Truffle Sea Salt is a special salt that gives you an easy way to add ground black truffle and sea salt to your Italian dishes. Try it on you pasta, risotto, potatoes or creamy sauces.... MORE INFORMATION
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Quai Sud is the French manufacturer of this Blue Sapphire Persian Salt. It is a natural rock salt that has tiny pieces of blue sapphire colored crystals. It is a type of salt you don't see every day. The flavor of this salt is similar to fleur de sel, so you can use it for meat, fish and vegetables. The Blue Sapphire Persian Salt looks rather magical and will entice some discussion at your dinner table. The packaging of the Blue Sapphire Salt is a shot glass with a cork top. Easy to close, easy... MORE INFORMATION
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Brown sugar cubes, roughly cut and they dissolve easily. They have a slight aroma of caramel, honey and vanilla. Add some style when serving tea or coffee.  There are approx. 220 cubes in a box. Saint Louis is a renowned producer of beet and cane sugar in France. ... MORE INFORMATION
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