Pheasant & Rosemary Pate

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Alexian's award-winning gourmet Pheasant Rosemary Pate consists of a savory blend of pheasant, duck and pork meats as well as rosemary, pecans, port wine and additional spices. This country style pate offers unique flavors that are slowly revealed with each bite. This gourmet pate received a 2008 Sofi Silver Award for outstanding pate.

An especially delicious way to enjoy the Pheasant Rosemary Pate is with Pinot Noir. In addition to Pinot Noir, other medium and full body red wines go very well with this pate. Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are known as great pheasant pairings.

United States

New Jersey

All Natural:

This item is perishable and will require an insulated shipping container and freeze packs and must ship by shipping methods taking a maximum of two days.

Duck, pork, pork fat, pheasant, onion, water, pork liver, duck liver, pecans, spices, Port, salt, pepper.