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What makes a good paella. There are 2 basic ingredients that are paramount to a good paella; the right rice (Bomba Rice) and the right spices. This La Dalia seasoning contains a few of the basic spice ingredients: saffron, smoked paprika and more. Add this to your paella and your kitchen will produce traditional aromas from Spain and a excellent tasting paella. Other ingredients depend on your style; whether you like to go vegetarian, traditional or seafood only, or just your combination of ingr... MORE INFORMATION
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Espelette Pepper or Piment d'Espelette is the beloved chile pepper of the Basque country. In 1999 AOC was granted to Espelette peppers, giving it the same protection as more famous names, such as Brie and Camembert or Champagne. The Espelette Pepper is culinary icon in Basque country. It has a subtle balance of delicate yet strong flavors. La Ferme Nahia, the producers of this pepper is a Basque farm growing the distinctive peppers in open fields using traditional, natural techniques. Each Pimen... MORE INFORMATION
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These are green peppercorns off the vine pickled in a brine, a solution of vinegar and salt. They are a key ingredient in so many French dishes – think pates, sauce au poivre on a steak or with fish or pork, and in soups and sauces. They give you dishes a mild piquancy and will deepen the flavor of many recipes. Refrigerate after opening.... MORE INFORMATION
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Saffron is one of the most expensive food products in the world and it is a traditional and natural spice in many cuisines. There may be trick to imitate the color of saffron by using colorings, but that is a far cry from the real thing and will never replace the magic, the delicate flavor, color and aroma of one single filament of authentic saffron. Grind a small amount of filaments and add a wonderful color and flavor to stews, sauces, pasta, paella, risottos, fish dishes, etc, the choice is ... MORE INFORMATION
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The La Vera region of Spain produces a particularly high quality smoked paprika. Pimenton de La Vera is not dried by the sun, but instead by the traditional method of oak smoking, resulting in an unmistakably smoky taste. It is this spice that captures the essential flavor of Spain; a must if you want to make paella. You can use La Chinata's Sweet Smoked Paprika as a flavoring for potatoes and fish dishes, light stews, sauces, garlic chicken and roasted meats. ... MORE INFORMATION