La Cultivada Arbequina Olive Oil

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The quality of an oil is directly related to its freshness, maintained by balancing principles of traditional farming practices with advances in modern olive cultivation. Methods of olive growing and harvesting remain fundamentally unchanged, but harvesting times have been brought forward and we have implemented technological processes that enable us to mill the fruit immediately and obtain an exceedingly fresh oil.

The brand La Cultivada reflects the food from the land, an extra virgin olive oil, is in essence the natural juice of olives. And being a juice, La Cultivada is sold within one year of productio.

La Cultivada Arbequine ia a single variety extra virgin olive oil made wholly from Arbequina olives. Yellow gold in color, tinged with green. A limpid, bright oil whose medium intense fragrance offers primary notes of tomato vines and hints of freshly cut grass, with background notes of green apple. This organic olive oil is sweet on the palate and flows smoothly through the mouth. Nutty in flavor, it has a gentle touch of bitterness which combines with a mild and pleasant peppery finish. Well bodied with a most memorable flavor.

Arbequino Andaluz S.L. is a family-owned company intrinsically and integrally dedicated to the cultivation of the Olive. Their olive groves are located to the south-west of the province of Cordoba, in Andalusia, Spain, in an area today predominated by irrigation and farmlands.




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