Gourmet Wine Vinegar

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Banyuls Wine Vinegar is also called Natural Sweet Wine Vinegar. It is made from a fortified wine of Banyuls, in which residual sugars have been retained by adding neutral grape alcohol to stop the fermentation of the wine, hence the name natural sweet wine. This Banyuls of high quality is aged for 4 years in wood vats which are outdoors exposed to the climatic variations. This type of aging gives a wine with a burnt topaz robe and a woody and spicy nose, and it develops an aroma of fresh walnut ... MORE INFORMATION
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Beaufor Champagne Vinegar is French and exclusively produced in the Champagne region of France. It is smooth and subtle, light and mild and a good choice if you are looking for a vinegar for a salad. Mix with a little nut or truffle oil to create a simple and elegant vinaigrette.... MORE INFORMATION
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Minus 8 Vinegar is handcrafted and made from the juice of frozen grapes, hand picked at -8 degrees C (17 degrees F) or colder. The frozen temperature are needed to develop the taste of this fine vinegar. Months of weathering throughout the fall and winter give the grapes unmistakable flavors found nowhere else as they oxidize on the vine; the slow natural freezing concentrates the flavors of the juice. The grapes dehydrate, concentrating the sugars, acids, and flavors in the grape. The grapes ar... MORE INFORMATION
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Moscatel Vinegar is made exclusively from sweet wines of the Moscatel variety from Catalonia, Spain. This bittersweet tasting vinegar is characterized by a gentle and subtle profile. It can be used instead of a light balsamic to achieve an exquisite fruit flavor with a light acidity. Great in dressings and in fish, seafood dishes and desserts.... MORE INFORMATION
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This Red Wine Vinegar is manufactured with carefully selected wines to obtain a product of high quality. It has ripened a long time in very old tanks in oak and during its development, this French vinegar was the subject of attentive care to ensure its subtle flavor and its particular bouquet. A red wine vinegar is a good choice for tender salads and red meats. Pommery Red Wine Vinegar is offered in a sandstone bottle of 500 ml or 16.9 fl.oz. with a natural cork stopper covered with red wax.... MORE INFORMATION
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This Sherry Wine Vinegar is a product from the France and still today the product embraces local foods and recipes and translates that into gourmet products. ... MORE INFORMATION
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