Gourmet Preserved Mushrooms

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The Chanterelle mushroom, Cantharellus Cibarius, is a golden colored, fleshy and aromatic mushroom. It is one that is easy to spot in an autumn forest, as it's color is a nice contrast. The cap of the Chanterelle mushroom is fleshy, and the outside of the cap tapers downward to meet the stem and the gills are almost hanging from the lower surface of the cap. The aroma of the Chanterelle mushroom is often described as apricot-like or peachy.Chanterelles are great for sauteing, dry or with butter... MORE INFORMATION
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Mushrooms and truffles are a match made in heaven and the porcini and the white winter truffle, Tuber magnatum pico, are great together in many wonderful dishes. This puree brings these two prized items together, thickened with peanut oil and salt. Use this puree in sauces, as a base for your appetizers or just as a spread on some toast.... MORE INFORMATION
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Truffles and mushrooms go together well and this porcini puree with black summer truffle is an ideal basis for your sauce and it is not overly expensive.... MORE INFORMATION