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Avocados are an important part of the American diet and this premium, pure Avocado Oil is going to do wonders for everybody who loves the green fruit. It is a gourmet, fine, pure, never blended avocado oil and is the result of many years of developing and refining the recipe. Try the premium Avocado Oil in your everyday cooking; it is a healthy oil as it provides mono-unsaturated fats and vitamin E and it is a tasteful oil in salads, and meat, poultry and seafood recipes.... MORE INFORMATION
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Argan oil is one of the healthiest of all vegetable oils; as it has a high content in vitamins and natural antioxidants and Argan oil is also known for its cosmetic use (use for skin, hair, facial, and nails care). The Argan tree is native to Morocco. Its olive-like fruit contains a hard nut; the fruit is crushed to extract the nut and these argan nuts are roasted before being pressed. Making argan oil is labor intensive; most of it is done by hand and it takes a lot of argan fruits to make a th... MORE INFORMATION
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This roasted hazelnut oil is a pure oil extracted from the roasting of hazelnuts. Imported from France, this elegant oil is known for its slightly sweet, nutty flavor and aroma. Hazelnut oil is excellent when used in dressings, marinades and cold sauces. Vinaigrettes made with hazelnut oil take on a distinctive nutty flavor; when used in recipes with mayonnaise, the wonderful flavor of hazelnut oil add a wonderful flavor. Other dishes in which you can use the hazelnut are pasta, rice and potato... MORE INFORMATION
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Oliver Farm's Pecan oil is a cold-pressed oil, and it has a beautiful color and a light, buttery, slightly nutty flavor. Oliver Farm is a Georgian centennial farm; a farm owned by the same family for 100 years or more. Oliver Farm is owned and operated by the 5th generation. This Pecan Oil was a Good Food Award Winner in 2015. Furthermore, pecan oil contains many vitamins and minerals and only 7 percent of saturated fat Cold pressed oil is obtained through pressing and grinding with the use of h... MORE INFORMATION
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Styrian Pumpkin seed oil is dark green in color, has a nutty aroma and an intense flavor. This unique oil is mainly used to drizzle over salad, vegetables, soups and pasta. Styria or Steiermark is a southern Provence of Austria; a mountainous area that grows pumpkins and produces the seeds and the pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkins were fed to animals, then the seeds were appreciated by people and in the early 1700s the oil from the seeds were used for medicinal purposes. This became very popular and th... MORE INFORMATION
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Walnut Oil is known for its distinct, nutty flavor and it works perfectly with duck, game, pasta, or combine it with raspberry wine vinegar for an exotic dressing. It can also be used at high temperatures because its smoke-point is relatively high, however the higher temperature will make the flavor dissipate. Its color of this French roasted walnut oil is clear with a slight yellow cast. After opening, this gourmet nut oil should be kept refrigerated. If it becomes cloudy, it will clear up if ... MORE INFORMATION
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