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Browse our fine selection of gourmet meats. We have delectable foie gras, raw, micuit and fully cooked, hams from Spain, Italy and from the USA, artisanal smoked hams that are right up there with their famous European counterparts. We also have a wonderful selection of salamis and creative pates, mousse and terrines. Last but not least have a look at our ‘other meats’ consisting of pork shoulder, duck, escargots, dried beef and more. There is so much variety in meat that serving a meat platter shouldn’t be hard. Try the various meat and let us know what you think by giving us your opinion in a product review.

We will be adding exciting new items frequently, so come back soon!

What other Gourmets are buying
  • There are many species of edible Escargot snails, but the most popular ones are Helix Aspersa and Helix Pomatia or Escargot de Bourgogne, or Burgundy Snails. The helix varieties tend to be more plump and tender. Escargot snails are categorized and sold by size, ranging from small to extra large. Escargot or snails are commonly sold canned. Canned snails are cooked prior to canning. The cooking liq... MORE INFORMATION
  • Teawurst (which means tea sausage) is a German-style sausage that is made from minced raw pork and bacon, seasoned, smoked and packed in moisture proof casing. It used to be a custom to eat the teawurst at tea time, hence the name tea sausage. Teawurst has a relatively high fat content, 30-40 percent which makes it easy to spread. If you like smoked meat this is a fine spread with a touch of papri... MORE INFORMATION
  • P.G. Molinari is a name that has meant excellence in Italian salame and sausage for over 100 years. Founded in 1896, Molinari and Sons has carried on the traditional Italian art of sausage-making in the cool climate of San Francisco. Through 4 generations, the Molinari family has provided Americans with the finest in salames and Italian sausages of all types. This 2 pounds Hot Coppa is a dry-cured... MORE INFORMATION
  • Volpi's Chianti Red Wine Salami is infused with the finest quality Chianti wine, dry cured and aged to perfection. The full-bodied Chianti wine, fresh all natural pork and traditional spices combine to create a robust, mouth-watering flavor.... MORE INFORMATION
  • Schaller & Weber's Calves Liver Pate or Kalbsleberwurst is a pork-free very smooth pate that is made only with veal and veal liver. One of the few non-pork meat pate. The mild, slightly tangy flavor of this pate allows you to serve it on any cracker you like - a plain cracker or a cracker with a lot of flavor contrasting the smooth pate, or use it in your Beef Wellington recipe.... MORE INFORMATION
  • Creminelli's artisan hand-crafted salami married another Utah award winning product, barrel aged High West Distillery's Son of Bourye Whiskey; the world's only blend of straight bourbon and straight rye whiskeys. This marriage creates a one of a kind salami - whiskey salami; unique, delicious and rich in flavor. Creminelli follows generations’ old artisan traditions in crafting all of its products... MORE INFORMATION