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Browse our selection of Gourmet Honeys. The majority of artisanal gourmet honeys today are monofloral and raw; a wonderful way to fully appreciate the nectar that each individual flower produces. Honey differs not only in flavor, but also in color, aroma, floral source, nationality and viscosity. Try some of these superb varieties dribbled over your favorite gourmet cheese and share your taste revelations with other gourmands in a product review.

We will be adding new and exciting Gourmet Honey frequently, so stop back soon!

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  • Sabatino's Truffle Honey takes all the appeal of honey flavoring one step further. Truffle honey is perfect for meat glaze, crepe dressing, cheese, spreading over fruit or cake, or topping off ice cream and sorbet. This gourmet truffle honey won a Sofi Award in the 2010 competition, in the jam, preserve, honey or nut butter category. ... MORE INFORMATION
  • Unlike most, this natural varietal honey combined with the aromatic steep of fine teas creates an exceptional flavor experience. Savannah Bee honeys are hand-harvested at the peak of the blooming season to ensure purity. They've selected this one to blend effortlessly with the delicate nature and flavor of teas. It's equally delicious in lemonades and mojitos.... MORE INFORMATION
  • French Honeysuckle honey is produced in May, when the bees collect the sugary secretions form the Honeysuckle. The area where the honey is found is Nocara - Cosenza in Southern Italy. French Honeysuckle varies in color from wax-white to ice-white. The perfume is very delicate but distinctly floral. This gourmet honey tastes refreshingly sweet.... MORE INFORMATION
  • Bees love lavender, so lavender honey comes from happy bees. Lavender honey is light and floral and this particular Spanish version is unpasteurized, raw. Combine this light honey with desserts, cheese, yogurt or add some to your tea.... MORE INFORMATION
  • Bernard Michaud brings all the wonderful richness of France's great traditional local mono-floral honeys into your home. Well known for 100% pure honey products from France, Bernard Michaud's innovative range of rare honeys has won acclaim worldwide. Le Grand Miel. Indeed a grand miel, a grand honey; rich, complex, and textured; creamy, crunchy with a wonderful perfume.This 1000-flower honey has a... MORE INFORMATION
  • Eucalyptus Honey is produced in July, in the Matera region in Southeast Italy. Eucalyptus honey has a strong personality, an amber or light hazelnut-brown color, and its aroma is like liquorice, sometimes slightly smoky. On the tongue it is salty, medium-sweet, very intense and persistent with balsamic notes. This honey crystallizes spontaneously and quite quickly into fine grains.... MORE INFORMATION