Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We feature superb oils from Allegretto Saporito, Caroli Organic, Castello di Ama, Colle del Giachi D.O.P. and Dolciolio
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Calogiuri is the producer of olives and very high quality extra virgin olive oils. In the month of November, the Calogiuri Family, respectful of family traditions, crushes the olives with care and extracts the oil by method of the 'Affiorato' (surfacing). After the olive is crushed the oil rises to the surface detaching itself naturally from the water. This oil has a fresh and delicate taste and works well in your soup, fish and salads recipes. ... MORE INFORMATION
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This Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a certified authentic Italian product. This gourmet oil is cold-pressed from the best fruit of the olive tree. It is the natural juice squeezed from Italian olives one day after the harvest. A 100% Italian olive oil is available in 8 fl.oz. bottles.... MORE INFORMATION
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In the Italian region of Puglia you can find traditional historic houses, trulli, characteristic of the region. These cute and colorful ceramic bottles feature these local trulli; The DeCarlo family is making award-winning olive oils for decades and developed these bottles as a tribute to the famous little houses. These ceramic bottles come in 3 colors (blue, orange, or olive); they are 7 inches tall and can be refilled, so you can use this bottle for a long time. The color you receive will be c... MORE INFORMATION
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This cold pressed oil, is produced in a historic mill in Nice, on the French Riviera. The techniques, the Nicolas Alziari Co., or Maison Alziari, uses are ancient, used, developed since 1868, and it produced numerous grands crus olive oil vintages. The Cuvee Prestige Olive Oil is full-bodied, velvety and has fruity tones of mango, artichoke and hazelnut. When heating the oil, you will experience an almond aroma. This olive oil comes in a tin; it prevents the oil from light exposure. Nicolas Alzi... MORE INFORMATION
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Renieris Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the land of the legendary King Minos, Hania, Crete in Greece. This singular Estate oil that captures the freshness and aroma of the Mediterranean's most prized olives. Renieris Estate's gourmet oil is sweet, fruity and fragrant with a slight peppery finish. ... MORE INFORMATION
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Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a sensuous balance of delicate fruit and luscious butter accompanies an aromatic bouquet of pepper, fresh basil, almond and artichoke heart. This sought after olive oil is first cold pressed predominantly from the Cornicabra olive groves in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, and is blended with well-rounded Spanish varieties such as the Picual and Hojiblanca to ensure a consistent delicate flavor. Try it; it was awarded 'Best Choice' and 'Fruitiest Oil' by The New York T... MORE INFORMATION