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Browse our great selection of Gourmet Crackers and Toast. Crackers and toasts add a crunchy element to your bite of cheese, pate, or spread. Some crackers are special enough that they are simply satisfying on their own. We have Australian Fine Wafer Crackers, Artisian Crisps in beautiful shapes and colors, Beechers Crackers, Crispbreads, Italian Crostinis, plain French Toasts which are like little slices of toasted bread, and we even have New Zealand Gourmet Wafers! These crackers and toasts add an extra touch to any presentation, any buffet, any meal, any occasion. Try them and share your suggestions with a product review.

We will be adding exciting new Gourmet Crackers & Toasts frequently, so come back soon!

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  • These Rosemary Parmesan Crackers by Urban Oven contain real cheese, you taste it and you'll see little specks of yellow in the crackers. They are furthermore infused with a generous amounts of rosemary - again you'll see and taste that and the wonderful rosemary aroma is present as well. These gourmet crackers are perfect on their own, and they will to great with some preserves or a Triple Creme B... MORE INFORMATION
  • Crisp and thin, with a lightly baked texture and a wonderful flavor. They are low in fat, and low in trans fatty acids. The Natural variety has a wonderful blend of natural ingredients with a hint of cheddar. These crackers are great as a snack, or to serve with cheese and jam, fruit paste, tapenade. They are also wonderful with dips and salsa or with a salad.... MORE INFORMATION
  • 34 Degrees Toasted Onion Crisps have a rich warm flavor. These lovely thin crisps pair effortlessly with the bold flavors of aged cheese, cured meats, pesto or olive tapenade. These gourmet crackers are made without oil; they are exceptionally crunchy cracker, they have a delicious flavor and are very light. Their 'serrated' edges will add just a little extra flair to your cheese board or bu... MORE INFORMATION
  • Urban Oven will use as many local ingredients in their crunchy all natural crackers as they can and their packaging is made from recycled materials - part of their environmental responsibility. The Classic White Cracker is an all-time favorite and basically made from wheat flour, butter and sea salt. Simple, crispy, sturdy and delicious, just the way Urban Oven intended them to be. Try then as a ... MORE INFORMATION
  • Z-Crackers are award-winning crackers that are handmade, hand-cut in New York City on a daily basis. They've got a cornmeal crunch and are sophisticated enough to go with the finest cheese, spread or dip. Keith and Pam Pollack, the master minds behind the Z-crackers developed these addictive crackers while experimenting with the dough they used to make for their savory pies. Sea Salt and Olive Oil... MORE INFORMATION
  • Cracked Pepper Crisps are seriously flavorful, all-natural crackers that are baked to thin, crisp perfection. They are a wonderful combination with Brie, triple cream cheese, goat cheese, salami and pate. Or think about a more sweet topping, like a preserve. These gourmet crackers are made without oil; they are exceptionally crunchy cracker, they have a delicious flavor and are very light. Their '... MORE INFORMATION
  • Firehook Bakery was established in December 1992. The founders longed for a neighborhood bakery that reminded them of their hometown village bakers. They wanted an authentic local establishment that caters to the specific needs of their neighborhood customers. So, after encouragement from their families, they mixed their passion for baking with some planning and fired up the Firehook ovens. 21 yea... MORE INFORMATION
  • Goji berries... a little powerhouse of anti-oxidants mingle beautifully with flavorful raisins and cholesterol lowering pistachio nuts. This blend creates a perfect storm of ingredients to promote good health. Kii Natural's Crisps are perfect on their own as a delicious, healthy snack with tea or coffee. They are also ideal for entertaining. Enjoy with dips, spreads, cheeses or your favorite hors ... MORE INFORMATION
  • Kitchen Table Bakers' Italian Herb Parmesan Crisps have a blend of basil, oregano and parley, that will remind you very much of Italy. They go well with everything Italian. The All Parmesan Crisps are made entirely of cheese! The crisps contain top quality, all natural ingredients and are free from wheat, gluten, trans fat and sugar and rich in protein and calcium and above all they are crisply de... MORE INFORMATION
  • Wonderful in flavor and a great example of something good can taste absolutely great. The Multigrain Flax Mediterranean Crackers are crunchy, they have a very full nutty flavor and are not boring at all. The flax seeds and the salt are clearly visible on the surface of the cracker and make your taste buds jump the moment you have a piece in your mouth. This cracker is very versatile, serve them wi... MORE INFORMATION