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Browse our finest quality gourmet cheese tools, from knives to wooden cheese boards, from the finest cheese paper to professional cutting tools. Great tools that you will enjoy and will add an elite dimension to serving any selection of gourmet cheese.

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  • Le Guillotin from Reypenaer has been developed to enable you to cut beautiful slices of cheese, Reypenaer or Reypenaer VSOP at the table; and of course you can cut other hard cheeses as well. Le Guillotin is a cutting board with a sharp blade that can be moved over a clamp, so that thin slices can be cut through the rind. Slices give the finest experience of the taste, the aroma, the texture, the ... MORE INFORMATION
  • When you serve a Tete de Moine and not all the cheese is consumed by the end of the evening or day, you need to keep the cheese in your refrigerator and store it well. This cheese dome is perfect for that; it fits on base of the cheese curler. This way the cheese retains its delicious taste and does not dry out under the plastic cover.... MORE INFORMATION
  • This small cute square ceramic cheese fondue pot is a wonderful item for a cheese fondue for the two of you. Equally perfect for a chocolate fondue as a dinner dessert. Just use fresh fruits, like strawberries, apple, pear and banana, or dried fruit like apricots, ginger, apple. When you think a little bit outside the fondue pot, you can use this item also for keeping sauces warm during your barbe... MORE INFORMATION
  • A beautiful Cheese Fondue Set with a black ceramic fondue bowl. The black of the bowl and the yellow color of the cheese fondue give your dinner a wonderful atmosphere. This bowl can hold approximately 2.2 lbs. of cheese fondue and serves 5 people gathering around the table. Be adventurous and not only try the classic cheese fondue of Emmental and Gruyere cheese, and add some blue cheese, herbs, s... MORE INFORMATION
  • Herve Mons is a Cheese Affineur or Fromager Affineur as they say in France, of international reputation and a man who is passionate about cheese. Herve Mons company is involved in selling cheese, making cheese, maturing cheese,training and helping other artisan cheesemakers. When making cheese you need to know how to transform milk into curds and then curds into cheese and the last step is the mat... MORE INFORMATION
  • We absolutely love this Red Slate Cheese Board; it is the result of a a collaborative effort from Brooklyn graphic designer Sean Tice and Parsons graduate student Kristy Hadeka. Can you image how your gourmet cheese selection would look on this warm deep colored rustic cheese board. Red slate is more rare than black or gray, but there is no difference in quality or strength. These wonderful slate ... MORE INFORMATION