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  • A double-wall ceramic tumbler and an integrated stainless steel infuser make brewing loose tea by the cup very simple and exiting. The innovative double-wall construction keeps tea hot and the tumbler warm to hold. These Kati tumbles brew a generous 12 oz. cup and the cups are dishwasher and microwave safe. We have 4 different decorations you can select: Cherry Blossoms, Birdsong, Green Leaves and... MORE INFORMATION
  • Hand carved Mother of Pearl spoons, knives, forks and plates are the traditional utensils used to serve caviar. Mother of Pearl does not affect the caviar's fragile flavor. Any other type of tableware would alter the taste of caviar and distract from its natural flavor. Please note that these mother of pearl spoon, knife and fork are natural products, having curves and they may not appear exactly ... MORE INFORMATION
  • This stainless steel Infuser is designed exclusively for the Tea Forte Solstice Teapot (NOT compatible with Solstice Teapot that was sold in Tea Forte's green gift box). This infuser brews the best cup of tea from loose tea and allows you to enjoy loose tea with minimal fuss. ... MORE INFORMATION
  • When you serve a Tete de Moine and not all the cheese is consumed by the end of the evening or day, you need to keep the cheese in your refrigerator and store it well. This cheese dome is perfect for that; it fits on base of the cheese curler. This way the cheese retains its delicious taste and does not dry out under the plastic cover.... MORE INFORMATION
  • This Solstice Teapot from Tea Forte has a very elegant style. It is a traditional teapot with classic lines, mixed with contemporary square forms. It would fit in with many other settings and of course the lid of the teapot has the small opening to reveal the infuser's tea leaf. The teapot holds 12 fl.oz.... MORE INFORMATION
  • When you know someone who is a cheese connoisseur, you found the right gift. This gift box includes all the knives needed to cut and enjoy all cheese varieties; a Parmesan cheese knife for the very hard cheeses, a cheese hatchet for the firmer cheeses, cheese presentation knife for the soft and semi-soft cheeses and a Gorgonzola knife or spreading knife for the soft cheeses and spreads. All items ... MORE INFORMATION
  • A white porcelain Creamer and Sugar set, slightly tapered tear drop shape adds modern sophistication to the simple and classic design.... MORE INFORMATION
  • A Cedar Grilling Plank offers a robust, woodsy flavor excellent for salmon, red meats, and other seafood. The plank is all natural Western Red Cedar with no additional flavorings. These planks come from certified sustainable and food grade sources and are select cut for optimum flavor. The directions are: Soak – Heat – Smoke - Eat: Soak the plank under water for at least 1 hour (before every use) ... MORE INFORMATION
  • Black is beautiful and so is this slate board. Black may not be the appropriate color, as it is dark grey, rather than black, but beautiful nevertheless. Made in the US, from real, natural North American black slate. This cheese or meat board has a deep, beautiful, and subtle variegated dark grey hues and bands of varying thickness throughout, which can be seen when the slate catches the light. ... MORE INFORMATION
  • These wooden boards are really something special, an elegant way to bring the outdoors indoors. Boska's Bark Boards are made from Ash wood; the shape and the bark on the edges give these board their beautiful, natural appearance. Use these small boards for one cheese, one sausage or when you like to serve a small appetizer. Whatever you decide, you know that you will have something special. The si... MORE INFORMATION