Fregola Sarda Pasta

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Sa Fregula or Fregola Sarda is a type of pasta from Sardinia, made from durum wheat semolina that has been 'rolled' into tiny balls of 2-3 mm in diameter, then they are sifted and divided into small, medium and large; Fregola Piccola, Media and Grande. Our Fregola is the medium version. Finally the Fregola are toasted in an oven, resulting in a rich brown color and earthy flavor of the pasta. Some people call it the Italian couscous.

For the preparation of this pasta it needs to be cooked a little like rice, with an excessive amount of water that is allowed to evaporate during the cooking process. An ideal pasta for soups, in seafood sauces, as a side dish, or as a complete meal.



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Durum wheat semolina, water.
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