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Argan oil is one of the healthiest of all vegetable oils; as it has a high content in vitamins and natural antioxidants and Argan oil is also known for its cosmetic use (use for skin, hair, facial, and nails care).

The Argan tree is native to Morocco. Its olive-like fruit contains a hard nut; the fruit is crushed to extract the nut and these argan nuts are roasted before being pressed. Making argan oil is labor intensive; most of it is done by hand and it takes a lot of argan fruits to make a this versatile oil.

The roasting gives the oil a refined taste somewhere between hazelnut and sesame. It is popular in carrot and orange salads, as it adds a sweet, slightly toasted flavor. Also try it as a dipping oil for bread, or drizzle it over pancakes and creamy desserts. Argan oil does not do so well as a cooking oil, it is more a finishing oil and you only need drops to make it work its magic flavor.



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