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Schaller & Weber's Calves Liver Pate or Kalbsleberwurst is a pork-free very smooth pate that is made only with veal and veal liver. One of the few non-pork meat pate. The mild, slightly tangy flavor of this pate allows you to serve it on any cracker you like - a plain cracker or a cracker with a lot of flavor contrasting the smooth pate, or use it in your Beef Wellington recipe.... MORE INFORMATION
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Duck, pork, mushrooms, specially blended spices and a dash of fine cognac go into this pate; a winner of a Good Food award in San Francisco. This award-winning Duck Liver Mousse with Cognac is topped with aspic and made with duck liver and pork with fine cognac; it is Alexian exclusive is fresh, natural and sinfully delicious.... MORE INFORMATION
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Alexian's award-winning gourmet Pheasant Rosemary Pate consists of a savory blend of pheasant, duck and pork meats as well as rosemary, pecans, port wine and additional spices. This country style pate offers unique flavors that are slowly revealed with each bite. This gourmet pate received a 2008 Sofi Silver Award for outstanding pate. An especially delicious way to enjoy the Pheasant Rosemary Pate is with Pinot Noir. In addition to Pinot Noir, other medium and full body red wines go very well w... MORE INFORMATION
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This pate contains goose liver and goose fat, in Germany it is called Ganseleberwurst; it is a fine spreadable creamy pate that has similarities with the French pate de foie gras. It is one of the popular pates we have on our site; well appreciated by many. Spread on a slice of rustic bread, or sourdough, or just eat the pate in slices. Serve with some pickles and you will love it.... MORE INFORMATION