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Potato Gnocchi is a classic in Italian cuisine. Nuovo makes this little potato dumpling with a light and smooth texture. Traditionally gnocchi are served with tomato sauce, pesto and melted butter and cheese and are typically homemade in Italian and Italian-American households. These gourmet gnocchi are created by hand in the tradition of fine chefs and held to exacting standards that have earned Nuovo national awards and critical acclaim at culinary competitions. Cook in salted boiling water fo... MORE INFORMATION
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Pappardelle is a flat pasta, cut into a broad ribbon shape. In width, the pasta is somewhere between tagliatelle and lasagna and is traditionally served with very rich, heavy sauces, especially sauces which include game such as wild boar, and us also delicious with tomato and cheese sauce and with creamy condiments that cling to the whole surface of the pasta. Pappardella comes from the Italian word 'pappare', which means 'to gobble up'. L'Antica Panarese Pasta is certified USDA organic and pro... MORE INFORMATION
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These colorful, small bowties, Farfalline Arcobaleno, maintain their luminous color when cooked. Serve with butter and parmesan, pesto, or a cream sauce, to show off their rainbow stripes. The Marella family makes pasta the way it was made hundreds of years ago: by hand. The colors are all natural, and take the spinach green, squid ink black, or hot pepper red traditional pastas a step further and combine a fantastic rainbow array of colors into one piece of pasta. This is a feat that is not s... MORE INFORMATION