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AleHouse Cheddar is, according to the makers, Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company, a tipsy traditional classic cheddar with a hint of earthy, rich artisan ale. This gourmet cheddar has a fragrant ale nose, a more open, flavorful balance of nuts, hops and sweet notes. Two distinct types of beer are added – Harpoon Munich Dark and Harpoon IPA. The dark beer gives a distinct striation to the curd and the IPA adds even more complex hop flavor. Not surprisingly, this cheese has been a favorite of many a... MORE INFORMATION
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Maybe the only thing you need in addition to this cracker is tomato soup. You have you artisan hand-made cracker and the cheese; just an alternative to the traditional grilled. cheese. This Castleton cheese cracker is made with AleHouse Cheddar from Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company; an award-winning ingredient in an award winning cracker. Whitney Lamy’s Castleton crackers are hand-made, hand cracked and thus rustic in appearance and a great complement to soups salad, dips, sauces, pate or just... MORE INFORMATION
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Apple Smoked Cheddar Cheese made by Carr Valley Cheese Company is a white cheddar that is apple smoked and then hand rubbed with paprika. This artisanal, all natural gourmet cheese has a light smoky flavor that balances very well with the paprika. Carr Valley's Apple Smoked Cheddar Cheese won a first place at the 2005 American Cheese Society in its category and a third place at the 2006 World Cheese Competition. Furthermore a 3rd Place at the 2006 and a second place in the Smoked Cheddars Catego... MORE INFORMATION
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New Zealand-made fruit pastes have a range of tangy and intense flavors using real fruit and natural ingredients. Rutherford Y Meyer's fruit pastes will freshen and cleanse the palate and are ideal accompaniments to cheese and can be used to make nice fruity sauces as well. They are free from wheat, dairy, fat and cholesterol, but rich in flavor and fiber. The Apricot Fruit Paste combines fantastic with soft-ripened cheeses, like Camembert and Brie, but this award winning fruit paste will go wel... MORE INFORMATION
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Each jar of Harvest Song preserves begins with the fertile ground of the Ararat Valley; the most succulent fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients are vacuumed sealed in glass containers to preserve the taste and the nutritional value and quality of the food and each jar has its own sun-dried, handmade rice paper from Kathmandu, Nepal. Apricot Preserve is made with sweet sun-ripened apricots and is a NASFT Award Winner for 2006. This preserve pairs well with Italian Parmiggiano Reggiano or wi... MORE INFORMATION
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Bathing BellaVitano Gold in balsamic vinegar Sartori's cheesemaker Mike Matucheski has given this gourmet cheese a sweet coating that paid of in a fantastic cheese with multiple awards, among which a first place in the 2010 American Cheese Society Competition. Imagine the sweet, nutty, fruity flavors of a BellaVitano Gold blessed with a few prized drops of Modena balsamic vinegar. Sound delicious doesn't it. Pair this cheese with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Asti Spumanti, Sherry or various beers: We... MORE INFORMATION
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Barely Buzzed is a full bodied gourmet cheese that is hand-rubbed with a mixture of ground Turkish espresso coffee and French lavender buds. This rub is diluted with oil and adheres to the cheese beautifully, resulting in a dark warm deep brown color. The flavors of the rub delicately migrate into the cheese, resulting in notes of butterscotch and caramel which are prevalent near the rind, but find their way to the center of the cheese as well. Barely Buzzed is an artisanal cheese hand-crafted b... MORE INFORMATION
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Vibrantly green and explosive in flavor. These Basil & Potato Gnocchi are a wonderful accompaniment to a seafood entree. Nuovo's Gnocchi are all natural, artisan Italian dumplings. Traditionally gnocchi are served with tomato sauce, pesto and melted butter and cheese and are typically homemade in Italian and Italian-American households. These gourmet gnocchi are created by hand in the tradition of fine chefs and held to exacting standards that have earned Nuovo national awards and critical a... MORE INFORMATION
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The BellaVitano Gold is an original of the Wisconsin Sartori-family. It is one of many cheese varieties inspired by traditional, Italian farmstead cheese that won many awards in various international competitions. This gourmet cheese is rich, creamy with a nutty, fruity flavor; it begins in the mouth like a premium Parmesan and finishes in style with hints of melted butter. It is another award winning creation of Sartori. Pairs well with Chianti, light Italian reds, Port wine or India Pale Ale,... MORE INFORMATION
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By adding just the right pinch of cracked black peppercorns, Sartori imparts a spicy zestiness that’s nothing to sneeze at. The fruit of the black pepper vine, used since antiquity in European cuisine, is present here again to accent Sartori's finest creation — rich, nutty, creamy BellaVitano. Pair this cheese with Chianti, Chardonnay, light red wine, or various beers: Indian Pale Ale, American Pale Ale or Trappist-style ale. Food pairings seem easy as cheese and pepper combine just fine and not... MORE INFORMATION
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Blue Stilton or just Stilton is England's only name-protected cheese. The name-control law stipulates that the cheese can only be manufactured in a specific area with milk from that area. Recipe and aging guidelines are laid down by the Stilton Cheese Makers' Association. The finished product is however not controlled and therefore Stilton's of various qualities can be found. The interior of our high quality Blue Stilton is crumbly when young, softening and darkening at the rind as it matures. I... MORE INFORMATION
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Juustoleipa is the Finish name for Cheese Bread or Bread cheese. Carr Valley Cheese Co. makes their own Bread Cheese from cow's milk and oven bake it to get a browned crusty top. Bread Cheese, like its original, does not melt, but you can warm it up; place it in your oven or microwave until it glistens. Serve it with your favorite dip or experiment with jam, honey or syrup or dip it in your breakfast coffee. Carr Valleys version of Juustoleipa reached the first place in the category 'Fresh unrip... MORE INFORMATION
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Rich, decadent, velvety white would be a description of the French Brillat-Savarin many will share. This triple cream gourmet cheese is one of the richest French cheeses. Henri Androuet created the Brillat-Savarin and named it after the famous 18th century French gastronome, Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, the author of the 'Physiologie du gout' (Physiology of Taste), published in 1826; 'Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.' Brillat-Savarin is made from pasteurized cow's milk an... MORE INFORMATION
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Buttermilk Blue is one of the great big blue cheeses of the United States. The Roth Kase cheesemakers begin with the freshest raw milk from herds of predominantly Jersey cows. The homogenized raw milk is inoculated with a secret blend of cultures and cured for at least 2 months while being rotated regularly to insure a perfect cheese. The first cut of a Buttermilk Blue wheel reveals abundant yellowish-green veins that blossom quickly into deep royal blue. This gourmet cheese is creamy with even... MORE INFORMATION
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Cambozola Black Label� is made from the milk of from cows that have grazed on the grasses in the Bavarian valleys of the Allgau region. This German gourmet cheese is aged in cold cellars, yielding a rich cheese with a very creamy texture. The distinctive grey rind (the traditional Cambozola has a white rind) has a more pungent scent and adds a slightly more pungent 'blue' flavor. The traditional Cambozola is great for first time blue cheese tasters, Cambozola Black Label will entice the more exp... MORE INFORMATION
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Cashel Blue was the first Irish blue cheese, named after the Rock of Cashel overlooking the pastures close to the cheese farm of the family Grubb. This great gourmet cheese is wrapped in gold foil. Cashel Blue has a beige rind, which develops a pinkish cast as it matures, and the paste moves from firm to soft texture. At six weeks of age, when the cheese is first available in the shops, the ivory paste is quite crumbly with a tangy flavor. Over the next six weeks the gourmet cheese develops a mu... MORE INFORMATION
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New Zealand-made fruit pastes have a range of tangy and intense flavors using real fruit and natural ingredients. Rutherford & Meyer's fruit pastes will freshen and cleanse the palate and are ideal accompaniments to cheese and can be used to make nice fruity sauces as well. They are free from wheat, dairy, fat and cholesterol, but rich in flavor and fiber. They have a number of varieties; the Cherry Fruit paste is a very nice accompaniment for Camembert and goat cheese.... MORE INFORMATION
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This Clothbound Cheddar is made by Cabot Creamery, bandaged with muslin and skillfully aged 10-12 months at the Cellars at Jasper Hill, nearby Greensboro, Vermont. This gourmet cheese is a handsome natural rinded traditional cheddar, simple, approachable and balanced, with layers of lingeringly nutty, slightly fruity and nearly buttery flavor, while finishing with the mellowness of caramel undertones. Made from pasteurized milk, this cheddar has flavor notes typically attributed to raw milk chee... MORE INFORMATION
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This Crab and Lobster Ravioli contains coarsely ground crab meat and steamed lobster. This is tossed with butter and herbs and then packed into a red and yellow pasta, creating a stunning ravioli. The people from Nuovo are designed by a family of culinary trained associates who share in a vision to produce a unique selection of premium pasta with innovative flavors, colors, and shapes. The Nuovo journey began in 1989 in a small kitchen with a wooden rolling pin, an imported tabletop pasta machin... MORE INFORMATION
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Cranberry Cinnamon: sounds great doesn't it.... spread on a freshly toasted slice of bread or bagel. Montchevre's fresh goat cheese logs of 4 ounces are handcrafted from fresh prime quality milk, creating a soft cheese with a smooth texture and a mild and fresh tangy flavor. Each log is vacuum packed to lock in freshness and extend shelf life. The line comes with various flavors to suit any circumstances. They look great on a cheese board when entertaining, or can be used to spread on toast or a... MORE INFORMATION
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