Assam Black Citrus Spice & Saffron Tea

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It is no secret that tea is a very popular drink, second only to drinking water. It is no secret either that saffron is one of the most expensive and exotic herbs. This uniquely reddish-hued herb has been used for thousands of years to enhance taste, color and aroma of ordinary dishes and beverages to create an extraordinary culinary experience.

Taja Tea combines these two by blending saffron and tea blends, creating a unique and exotic beverage. As they say at Taja Tea: 'Drink Happiness'.

This Assam Black Citrus Spice & Saffron Tea is a tea with Assam tea from India. Each box contains 20 tea bags.

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Assam tea, black tea, citrus spice flavor, saffron.
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I first discovered this tea at Ross, and let me tell you its one of the best tea's I have had. I drink my tea unsweetened and the blend of saffron and oolong are right on the money. I recommend this tea to anyone who has not tried TAJA TEA and wants the benefits of saffron tea with great taste . My Use: I use one bag and make a 16oz cup for breakfast. After i use the same bag and make another cup then chill it and take it to work with me. Or i make 2 hot cups with the same bag and open the bag and dump the content in the 2nd cup and drink it. Hope this helps T ell E veryone A bout it

The GREATEST TEA EVER HAD ITS SO AWSOME! Great to drink hot or cold and all day. It's also so relaxing at night the chamomile with out caffeine. So glad finally found some tea that has such an amazing taste and is so healthy. Nothing has come even slightly close to this! FANTASTIC! I'd actually rate it at a ten if I could.
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