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Apple Smoked Cheddar Cheese made by Carr Valley Cheese Company is a white cheddar that is apple smoked and then hand rubbed with paprika. This artisanal, all natural gourmet cheese has a light smoky flavor that balances very well with the paprika. Carr Valley's Apple Smoked Cheddar Cheese won a first place at the 2005 American Cheese Society in its category and a third place at the 2006 World Cheese Competition. Furthermore a 3rd Place at the 2006 and a second place in the Smoked Cheddars Catego... MORE INFORMATION
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Basils Original Rauchkäse is a German semi-soft smoked cow's milk cheese that was originally crafted by Trappist Monks in the Abbey of Rotthalmunster. Today the modern, Bavarian cheese is manufactured by the Bergader Private Cheese dairy, which was founded by Basil Weixler in 1902. Clearly the cheese is named after him. Still produced in accordance to the monks' old traditions, the cheese is cold smoked over beech wood which gives it a rich, creamy texture and special, smoky flavor. The ye... MORE INFORMATION

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Idiazabal is originally produced high in the Pyrenees above Pamplona. This rustic Spanish gourmet sheep's milk cheese was often smoked in the rafters of the shepherds' huts. Today, it is made all over the Basque country in both factory and farmstead, from unpasteurized milk. Idiazabal is produced in small drum shapes in varying sizes. The rind of this gourmet cheese is pale yellow in color and quite hard. The paste is creamy white and fairly compact with a few small holes. Smoked cheeses achieve... MORE INFORMATION
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For this Maple Smoked Cheddar Cheese whole, raw milk from Vermont Jersey cows is used. After aging, the cheese is hand cut, double-coated with wax to seal it and then labeled. The Maple Smoked Cheddar is bathed in the cool smoke from smoldering hard maple wood for 4-6 hours and will enrich your cheese sauces but tastes as well on a cracker. This cheddar was awarded a third place in the smoked cheddar category at the American Cheese Society Competition of 2007 and a first place ribbon ... MORE INFORMATION

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Beecher's Flagship cheese is naturally smoked over a distinctive blend of apple and cherry wood, resulting in Flagship's signature robust and nutty flavor infused with the heady, fruity essence of natural hardwood smoke. The Washington gourmet cheese is aged during a period of 15 months, developing a perfect flavor and texture you most likely know of this very popular Seattle cheese. This award winning cheese pairs nicely with Syrah and Zinfandel.... MORE INFORMATION
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Smokey Blue is the first smoked blue cheese, another first of Rogue Creamery (Oregon Blue was the first blue cheese made on the American West Coast). Smokey Blue is the cold smoked version of that Oregon Blue and is a very delicious and interesting blue cheese. The cheese is cold smoked for 16 hours with hazelnut shells; the result is a cheese that has a sweet flavor of caramel and hazelnuts that mellows the sharpness of the blue cheese. Even if blue cheese is not your choice, you should try the... MORE INFORMATION