Gourmet Norwegian Cheese

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Gjetost is Norway's traditional brown, fudge like cheese that is made from a blend of cow's and goat's milk. Its unique sweet taste is caused by the natural caramelization of the milk sugar or lactose during production. When the cheese becomes thicker it is poured into rectangular molds and when it is finished you have a perfectly square cheese with a tan wrapped in foil and when you unwrap it you will see the creases on the surface. The cheese is semi-soft in texture and has a mouth feel that w... MORE INFORMATION
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The Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese is known for its distinctive sweet and nutty taste, and of course, those large, round holes. As early as in 1830 the Swiss came to Norway's Jarlsberg to teach the Norwegians to make cheese. These foreign master cheese makers were famous for making cheese with holes, Emmental. There was active production in Norway until 1832 after which the cheese disappeared and in 1956 the cheese recipe was revived, combining the cheese-making traditions with modern technologies... MORE INFORMATION