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Basils Original Rauchkäse is a German semi-soft smoked cow's milk cheese that was originally crafted by Trappist Monks in the Abbey of Rotthalmunster. Today the modern, Bavarian cheese is manufactured by the Bergader Private Cheese dairy, which was founded by Basil Weixler in 1902. Clearly the cheese is named after him. Still produced in accordance to the monks' old traditions, the cheese is cold smoked over beech wood which gives it a rich, creamy texture and special, smoky flavor. The ye... MORE INFORMATION
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Butterkase is a loaf-shaped cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk with golden natural color and no rind. It is a buttery/creamy, semi-soft cheese made both in Germany and Austria. Our Butterkase is German-made. As the name says, it has a buttery taste and color and melts in your mouth. It is very good with a glass of beer as it is spicy and somewhat pungent. We cut and wrap this cheese in pieces of 1 pound and 8 ounces. ... MORE INFORMATION
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Cambozola Black Label� is made from the milk of from cows that have grazed on the grasses in the Bavarian valleys of the Allgau region. This German gourmet cheese is aged in cold cellars, yielding a rich cheese with a very creamy texture. The distinctive grey rind (the traditional Cambozola has a white rind) has a more pungent scent and adds a slightly more pungent 'blue' flavor. The traditional Cambozola is great for first time blue cheese tasters, Cambozola Black Label will entice the more exp... MORE INFORMATION
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Cambozola® is the signature cheese from the German company Käserei Champignon. The secret to this cheese lies in the rich Bavarian milk used in its production, which lends Cambozola® an extraordinary flavor and velvety feel. This triple cream cheese is mild and delicate and has subtle blue veins throughout the interior of the cheese, the rind of the Cambozola® is velvety white. A cheese-marriage of a blue and a brie - a perfect cheese for those of you who want to appreciate a blue cheese, but do... MORE INFORMATION
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Strictly speaking this is a Belgian, not German, cheese. It was originally made in the monasteries near Limburg in Belgium but it was adopted, and indeed largely taken over, by the German cheesemakers more than a hundred years ago. Limburger has the typically pungent aroma of a washed-rind cheese, but you will be surprised by its mild texture and taste. It seems that it is the rind that is doing all the work. If you want to have Limburger with a stronger taste to match the smell, just choose one... MORE INFORMATION
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Rougette is a German washed rind cheese with a buttery consistency; a decadent triple-cream soft-ripened cheese. This gourmet cheese has a distinct orange tint on the outer edge, a white Camembert mold on top and a taste of its own, which gives it an unusual and interesting appearance. Like any other cheese, it is best eaten at room temperature; it is easy to spread and pairs well with fruits and nuts. Rougette is a perfect cheese to melt, like on a steak or a slice of bread and with regard to w... MORE INFORMATION
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