Gourmet Danish Cheese

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The Danish Castello Blue or Blue Castello is a triple-cream, blue-veined gourmet cheese with a washed rind. The cheese's surface has a unique combination of blue-green and reddish molds. These molds give the cheese its distinct aroma and flavor. Castello Blue has a Brie-like texture, with the blue in fairly thick, horizontal lines. The taste of Blue Castello is delectably rich and buttery, with mild spicy accents of blue veins and the aroma is of mushrooms. The mild flavor develops steadily as l... MORE INFORMATION
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Danish Blue is also known as Danablu, the Danes invented this blue gourmet cheese in 1927 as an alternative to Roquefort. Though quite unlike Roquefort, Danish Blue cheese has been a huge commercial success and is sold worldwide. Danish Blue cheese is factory made from pasteurized milk which has been homogenized to ensure a smooth curd and clear taste. It is rindless and comes in foil-wrapped shapes. Danish Blue paste is milk white with very blue veins and a few irregularly distributed holes. I... MORE INFORMATION