Gourmet French Caviar

Taste the equisite textures and flavors of gourmet French Caviar.
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This Osetra Sturgeon, Acipenser Baerii, the Siberian Sturgeon is raised in the Aquitaine region of the South-West of France and imported into the United States. These aquafarms operate in conformity with the regulations relating to animal welfare, health and the environment. The caviar of the Siberian Sturgeon is excellent and may be similar to Beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea. The pearls of the French Farmed Osetra Baerii caviar roe are large grey/golden brown colored. The are lightly salted ... MORE INFORMATION
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This pink roe comes from freshwater Trout caught in smaller inland lakes. With an assertive, bold flavor, these firm, translucent pink pearls have what looks like a tiny orange eye in the center. Trout produces a medium-grained roe that has a tendency to be slightly sticky — a quality that can be disguised when it's piled high on a canape with a little creme fraiche or stirred into a dip.... MORE INFORMATION