Gourmet Caviar Serving Tools

Our Featured Gourmet Caviar Serving Tools
Picture of glass caviar server
Browse our exquisite selection of Caviar Serving Tools: a selection of items that have been traditionally used to serve caviar since the time of the royals and tsars; and that will give just that perfect finishing touch to your presentation. Certain tools, like the mother of pearl spoons and bowls are almost a necessity; caviar cannot be served on metal spoons as it negatively influences the flavor of the caviar. It is said that purists believe the best way to taste caviar is to place a little on the back of the hand, between the index finger and thumb, but the more cultured and well mannered would insist upon a mother of pearl spoon and obviously you will still need a spoon to remove the caviar from its container.

Serve your Caviar in the grand, traditional manner with these Gourmet Caviar Serving Tools