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A Cedar Grilling Plank offers a robust, woodsy flavor excellent for salmon, red meats, and other seafood. The plank is all natural Western Red Cedar with no additional flavorings. These planks come from certified sustainable and food grade sources and are select cut for optimum flavor.

The directions are: Soak – Heat – Smoke - Eat:

  • Soak the plank under water for at least 1 hour (before every use)
  • Heat the grill to 350 degrees F, add soaked plan to the grill rack, close cover, heat 3 minutes and flip plank
  • Add the food to the heated plank, close cover and cook until done, no turning or flipping necessary
  • Eat the super-moist seafood, meat or vegetable with rich, all natural smoky flavor and enjoy a unique Native American tradition.

    If the plank is not overly charred they may be scrubbed with hot water and re-used up to 2 times. This wonderful product is brought to you by Davis and Gena Knox who founded Fire & Flavor in 2003 in Georgia.

    This package contains two extra thick Cedar Grilling Planks: 5.5” x 15”.

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