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Wrap your favorite seafood, meats, vegetables, and fruit in Cedar Papers. Place on hot grill grates or in a grill pan and watch your dish steam to perfection while a subtle smoky flavor is infused. These Cedar Papers are made with 100% all natural western red cedar which provides the best flavor and complements a variety of foods. Five or six minutes is all it takes to cook a delicious meal.

The directions are: Soak – Heat – Smoke - Eat:

  • Soak the papers in a shallow dish for 10 minutes
  • Heat the grill or grill pan to 400 degrees F, or medium high heat. Place food face down in center of soaked paper parallel to grain of wood. Fold paper's edge towards each other until they overlap. Tie with cotton string or place seam side down on grill grate or pan
  • Smoke wrapped food directly on grill grates or grill pan, close lid, and cook for 3-4 minutes per side until food is done to your liking
  • Serve cedar paper wrapped food straight to the dinner table and enjoy.
  • This package of All Natural Western Red Cedar Papers (made from SFI certified wood) includes cotton string for tying and there are 8 papers per pack (6" x 8"). This wonderful product is brought to you by Davis and Gena Knox who founded Fire & Flavor in 2003 in Georgia.

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