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Black is beautiful and so is this slate board. Black may not be the appropriate color, as it is dark grey, rather than black, but beautiful nevertheless.

Made in the US, from real, natural North American black slate. This cheese or meat board has a deep, beautiful, and subtle variegated dark grey hues and bands of varying thickness throughout, which can be seen when the slate catches the light. They are hand finished to provide a smooth, finished edge without compromising the look and feel of the slate; the edges thin and have a low variance in size and edge chipping (unfinished edges can be sharp or dangerous).

Each slate boards has small cork feet creating a level slate and protect your surfaces. The entire slate is waterproof so it can be hand-washed or in most cases in the dishwasher (please remove the feet first). Slate boards are not oven or microwave safe. If you scratch your slate or your finish dulls, simply rub a thin layer of mineral or olive oil on it like you would a wooden cutting board to restore its luster.

This 12 x 7 inches black slate board is a great size for cheese or meat plating, you can write your cheese and/or meat varieties directly on the slate. Clean-up is simple and fast with a quick rub down with soap and warm water.

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