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Strictly speaking this is a Belgian, not German, cheese. It was originally made in the monasteries near Limburg in Belgium but it was adopted, and indeed largely taken over, by the German cheesemakers more than a hundred years ago.

Limburger has the typically pungent aroma of a washed-rind cheese, but you will be surprised by its mild texture and taste. It seems that it is the rind that is doing all the work. If you want to have Limburger with a stronger taste to match the smell, just choose one in a more ripened stage. A creamy cheese that is mostly an acquired taste, Limburger continues to be a popular favorite and a staple for every cheeseboard.

The cheese is produced in small loaves with a reddish-brown rind and a creamy colored paste.

Serve with pumpernickel bread and raw onions. It is said that Limburger is the best when accompanied by a good beer.

Country: Germany
Imported: Yes
Milk: Cow
Texture: Soft
Vegetarian: Yes

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Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, salt, microbial rennet, bacterial cultures, bacterial linens.