Saint Nectaire

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Saint Nectaire is an ancient French gourmet cheese from the mountains of the Auvergne. This is a raw milk cheese in France and is brought into the USA made with pasteurized milk of mostly Salers cows.

The cheese is made in round flat discs. It has a grayish rind with light yellow or reddish patches. The supple paste is pale gold in color and becomes almost runny as it matures and has a sweet and grassy aroma and this is repeated in the flavor which is creamy and only slightly farmyard like. The cheese is semi-soft to firm, though supple, with a moldy smell and a mild flavor.

We cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 8 ounces and 1 pound.





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Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, lactic starters, animal rennet, calcium chloride.
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