Irish Cow Milk Firm Texture Cheese

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Our popular Aged Irish Cheddar has a sibling, a cheddar cheese infused with the robust flavor of Irish whiskey. This Kerrygold gourmet cheese combines the smooth, woody and nutty taste of pure Irish Whiskey with the rich and creamy flavors of the... read more
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Aged Irish Cheddar is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese that is aged for one year and undergoes a stringent grading process as it matures. Ireland is known for lush green fields with grazing cows that produce high quality milk. Kerrygold is taking... read more
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For many of us wine and cheese seems a logical combination, and so did Celtic Cheese. This Ardagh Cheddar Cheese with Red Wine offers that combination; an adventurous red waxed Irish cheddar cheese, veined with red wine. This gourmet cheese has a sharp... read more
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Cashel Blue was the first Irish blue cheese, named after the Rock of Cashel overlooking the pastures close to the cheese farm of the family Grubb. This great gourmet cheese is wrapped in gold foil. Cashel Blue has a beige rind, which develops a pinkish... read more
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Irish Cheddar Cheese with Porter Beer is made from pasteurized cow's milk and is considered a vegetarian cheese because a vegetable rennet is used. It goes without saying that a dark beer is an appropriate accompaniment. Most of you will know this type... read more
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This Irish cheddar cheese is made from pasteurized cow's milk and is soaked in Kibeggan Whiskey. The whiskey is marbled throughout the cheese, but is somewhat hard to see on the picture as the whiskey does not differ much from the color of the cheese,... read more