Humboldt Fog Cheese

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Humboldt Fog is a very impressive cheese, not only because if the cheer beauty, but also because of the numerous awards in cheese competitions.

Mary Keens at Cypress Grove, California, is the creator of this young goat's milk cheese with its impressive appearance and superior flavor.

The texture is creamy and luscious with a subtle tangy flavor. Each handcrafted wheel features a ribbon of edible vegetable ash along its center and a coating of ash under its exterior to give it a distinctive, cake-like appearance. The edible ash comes from the burning of the White pine tree.

The molds are half-filled, then sprinkled with a lager of salt and ash and then the molds are topped with remaining curds. The wheels are also coated with the same ash before they develop the bloomy white rind. When Humboldt is ripe it is creamy under the rind and firm in the center. The flavor will be mild and balanced, not particularly goaty.

The Humboldt Fog we have are small individual cheeses of approximately 14-15 ounces, a wonderful size cheese to serve.

Country: United States
State: California
Milk: Goat
Texture: Soft
All Natural: Yes
Vegetarian: Yes
Artisanal: Yes
Award Winner: Yes

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