Dessert Cheese

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Wensleydale is one of the oldest cheeses in England as monks were first known to be making Wensleydale in the 11th century. It has a natural sweet acidity that compliments fruit, best of all cranberries. The plump cranberries are added into the cheese to... read more
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An abundance of blueberry can be found in this white stilton making it a wonderful dessert cheese. Very crumbly, very delicious, very fruity, and very pretty. The white stilton has a tangy flavor, not very cheesy and the combination with the blueberries... read more
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White Stilton with Lemon Zest is one of the first true dessert cheeses made by Long Clawson Dairy in Leicestershire in the United Kingdom. It is a pasteurized white Stilton that contains dried candied lemon peel. This cheese has become a favorite of... read more
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This is our most popular White Stilton with fruit - The Mango and Ginger is by many described as decadent and delicious as a cheesecake. The combination of the young tangy white Stiltons and just the right amount of the sweet mango and spicy ginger makes... read more