Caveman Blue

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Approx. Weight: 8 ounces
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Approx. Weight: 1 pound
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Caveman Blue is a rich, complex blue that is deliciously sweet and fruity with slight vanilla tones and a texture of butter and crystals. It has nuances of beef, bacon, grass and hay, and is semi-soft to firm and relatively low in moisture with a natural rind featuring extensive blue mold development.

This gourmet cheese is aged for 6-12 months. The Rogue Creamery’s Caveman Blue likes big reds: Zinfandel, Cabernet and Port. If you prefer to drink beer, try a strong stout or barley wine.

We cut and wrap this gourmet cheese in wedges of 1 pound and 8 ounces.

Country: United States
State: Oregon
Milk: Cow
Texture: Semi-soft
Artisanal: Yes
Vegetarian: Yes

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