White Stilton with Mango and Ginger

Picture of white stilton with mango and ginger
Approx. Weight: 8 ounces
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Approx. Weight: 1 pound
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Half wheel, approx. 2.5 pounds
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This is our most popular White Stilton with fruit - The Mango and Ginger is by many described as decadent and delicious as a cheesecake. The combination of the young tangy white Stiltons and just the right amount of the sweet mango and spicy ginger makes this cheese irresistible.

A perfect gourmet choice to serve as an refreshing appetizer on toast or crackers, as a dessert or even to mix with a salad and add a fruity touch.

We hand-cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 1 pound, 8 ounces or you can buy a half moon shaped cheese of approximately 2.5 pounds.

Please note that half moon wheels may vary slightly in total weight, you will be charged for the actual weight of the wheel that you will receive.

Country: United Kingdom
Imported: Yes
Milk: Cow
Texture: Semi-soft
Vegetarian: Yes

This item usually ships from our Atlanta facility one business day after the day the order is processed.

This item is perishable and will require an insulated shipping container and freeze packs and must ship by shipping methods taking a maximum of three days.

Ingredients: White Stilton (pasteurized cow's milk, salt, vegetarian rennet, dairy cultures), sweetened dehydrated mango (mango, sugar, anti-oxidant: citric acid, preservative: sulfur dioxide), crystallized ginger (ginger, sugar), flavoring.