Seville Orange Tortas

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The Seville Orange Tortas are all-natural sweet treats, made with crystallized orange peel and sprinkled with sugar. They make the perfect dessert complement and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

For a special dessert, serve Seville Orange Tortas alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream, grilled peaches and chopped, toasted hazelnuts. Spread with Marscapone and drizzle chocolate sauce for a delicious treat. Seville Orange Tortas are delicious served with any type of cheese; a soft creamy Brie, or even an Aged Cheddar work equally as well.

Country: Spain
Imported: Yes
All Natural: Yes
Ingredients: Wheat flower, extra virgin olive oil (19%), water, brown sugar, sett orange peel, salt. May contain traces of nuts (almonds).