Maple Grilling Plank 6x6

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Maple Cheese Grilling Planks give a delicate smoky flavor to brie, cheddar, and other cheeses. Maple Grilling Planks create a buttery-rich, nutty flavor with a slightly sweet note to compliment your cheese of choice.

The directions are: Soak – Heat – Smoke - Eat:

  • Soak the plank under water for at least 1 hour (before every use)
  • Heat the grill to 350 degrees F, add soaked plan to the grill rack, close cover, heat 3 minutes and flip plank
  • Add the food to the heated plank, close cover and cook until done, no turning or flipping necessary
  • Eat the cheese and savor the rich, all natural smoky flavor and enjoy a unique Native American tradition.

    If the plank is not overly charred they may be scrubbed with hot water and re-used up to 2 times. This wonderful product is brought to you by Davis and Gena Knox who founded Fire & Flavor in 2003 in Georgia.

    This package contains two Maple Grilling Planks: 6" x 6"

  • Country: United States
    State: Georgia
    All Natural: Yes